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Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash: Shemos/Exodus

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Interlinear Chumash: Shemos

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Interlinear Chumash: Shemos/Exodus
The Torah, Haftaros and Five Megillos with an Interlinear Translation and a Commentary Anthologized from the Rabbinic Writings
Edited by Rabbi Menachem Davis
The Schottenstein Edition
Mesorah Publications, New York: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4226-0204-1

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - August 3, 2009

The Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash is unique in the realm of Hebrew - English editions of the Torah. It not only contains the Hebrew text of the Chumash, Targum Onkelos, and Rashi's commentary (in Rashi script), but what makes in that this edition so unique is that the Hebrew text of the Chumash is in a larger than normal type face, and right beneath the Hebrew is an English translation that allows your eyes to effortless follow the translation along with the Hebrew text. In addition, this edition also contains extensive commentaries, in English, that are based on Rashi's commentaries and other classic, Rabbinic sources.

Combined, there will be five volumes in the Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash, one volume for each book in the Torah. As well, each volume also includes the corresponding Haftaros for each book, along with the corresponding Megillos. The Haftaros and Megillos also feature the unique interlinear English translation of the Hebrew text. This, volume two of the Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash, covers the text of Shemos (The Book of Exodus), and it also includes an interlinear translation of Megillas Esther.

The Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash will benefit not only those who don't yet read Hebrew, but also fluent Hebrew readers, who may come across a word or phrase for which they don't know the English equivalent. The way that the interlinear translation is interwoven with the Hebrew text makes it easy to ignore the translation when not needed, yet is readily at hand when you need to check the meaning of a word. As well, the English translation is presented in a right-to-left orientation that matches the direction of the Hebrew text. Combined with placing the translation directly under the corresponding Hebrew word or phrase, eliminates the need to hunt around for needed English translation, and as such will prevent you from losing your place while reading the Hebrew text. In addition to presenting both texts in the same direction, you'll also find that the text includes various types of notational arrows that will help ensure that you will be able to effortless follow both the Hebrew and English texts simultaneously. Instructions on how to make the most use of the interlinear translation is provided at the beginning of the volume.

The Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash is an outstanding edition to Artscroll's family of Hebrew-English Chumashes, and it will provide years of service to anyone seeking an authoritative edition of the Chumash with and English translation and commentaries. However, as stated above, it is the inclusion of the interlinear English translation that makes this edition unique, and of special interest to those who are desirous of reading the Chumash in Hebrew, but who might occasionally need some translation help.

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