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Book 2 in the Food - Where Does it Come From? Series
By Menucah Fuchs
Translated into English by Shany Hertz
Illustrations by Racheli David
Menucha Publishers Inc., 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61465-012-6

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - August 30, 2012

Ask a young child where bread comes from, and the likely answer is from the bakery shop or from their mother's oven. In Bread, book two in the Food Where Does it Come From? series, Menucha Fuchs explains how the grains that are used to make bread are grown, how they are harvested and milled, and how bread is made and baked (both commercially and in the home).

Fuchs is a household name in Israeli, where she has more than 300 published books to her credit. Menucha Publishers is in the process of having her complete body of children's books translated and published in English. The Food Where Does it Come From? series includes books on a number of food items, including milk, rice, salt, olive oil, potatoes, citrus fruits, tea, eggs, and coffee. This series is a component of The Living & Learning Encyclopedia for Children.

The writing style used in this book is simple and lively, and is perfect for reading aloud to pre-readers as well as for new readers. The text is accompanied by both full page and smaller illustrations by Racheli David. The illustrations are colorful, action packed and they help to further expand upon the information presented in the text. In addition, the book's cover features pictures of real children, taken by Chaya Hendelsman.

Throughout the text readers will find a number of words highlighted by being a different color from the rest of the text, printed in a large font size, not written in a straight line, or in some other format that emphasizes the importance and meaning of the word. For instance, the word 'big' is printed in a big, thick font, while the word 'huge' is printed in an even bigger font size. In addition, all the pages in this book are covered in plastic, ensuring that the pages of the book stay clean and intact, no matter how many little hands read the book.

Bread is an entertaining and informative book that will delight children of all ages, and is a perfect addition to both home and school libraries that are used by young children.

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