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The Children's Learning Series

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The Children's Learning Series
By Menucha Fuchs
Illustrated by Chana and Miri
Published by The Judaica Press

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - January 12, 2009

The Children's Learning Series is a charming series of books designed to encourage young readers in their love of reading, while also teaching them positive, wholesome, Torah-observant values. There are twenty books in this series. All of the books are softcovered, and they are geared to new readers in grades kindergarten through grade three. The series centers around the large Cohen family, and the families energetic and memorable children.

Some of the books in this series focus on a specific holiday, problem, character trait, or simply everyday family life. The stories are accompanied by simple, black and white illustrations, and the books are ideal as both read-alone books for new readers as well as read-out-loud books to read to pre-readers.

All of the books in this series are infused with Yiddishkeit and they teach valuable lessons such as chesed (doing acts of kindness), developing good middos (positive character traits), performing mitzvos, studying, and they promote positive, Torah-observant family values.

These engaging books will enthrall new readers with their lively story lines, and they will thrill parents due to the positive lessons that your children will absorb as they are reading these wholesome stories. This series is a great addition to the body of literature geared specifically toward religious youth.

In all, there are twenty books in the Children's Learning Series. The books in this series can be purchased individually, or as a complete set. As well, all of the books in this series are stand alone books, and as such they can be read in any order.

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