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Fishel the Fisherman

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Fishel the Fisherman Fishel the Fisherman
(The Mashal Nimshal Series)
By Menucah Fuchs
Illustrated by Esti Hess
Menucha Publishers Inc., 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61465-007-2

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - August 15, 2012

The third book in the Mashal Nimshal series, Fishel the Fisherman is a delightful children's story that also teaches an important lesson - think before you act. Written by the beloved Israeli children's author, Menucah Fuchs, this book follows the adventures of three fishermen: Eli, Tuvia, and Moish. One morning as they are setting out to go fishing, Fishel warns them that there is a storm approaching and that it would be dangerous to go to sea. Ignoring his warning, the three fisherman set out to sea without first considering the dangers that they might face. When their tiny ships are beset by the storm, the three men have to work fast to save their boats, and themselves.

Accompanied by bright and lively illustrations by Esti Hess, this story also teaches the lesson that it is better to be safe than sorry. While this book teaches children some very important lessons, it does so painlessly and without a preachy attitude. Rather, Fuchs has written a snappy story that can be read simply as a story book, as well as one that can be used by parents and teachers as a jumping off point from which to discuss the importance of always thinking about the consequences of your actions - before you do something.

Fishel the Fisherman is perfect for reading aloud to prereaders, and as a read alone book for new readers. In addition, this book features pages that are covered in plastic so you never have to worry about a book being ruined by sticky fingers. Simply grab a wet towel and wipe the mess away. In addition, this plastic covering should ensure that the pages stand up to years of use.

Published by Menucha Publishers, this book was originally written and published in Hebrew. However, you'll be pleased to learn that Menucha Publishers is working on translating and publishing all of Fuchs children books in English. A major undertaking that will introduce this talented writer to the English reading audiences, who might be unfamiliar with her works. In the process, they will also be making hundreds of Jewish themed children's books available to that same audience.

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