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Tomer Devora Midda 7: Once Bitten Twice Shy?

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Tomer Devora Midda 7: Once Bitten Twice Shy?
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Revach L'Neshama

When a good friend shocks us by doing something bad to us it changes our relationship and our impression of them forever. Even if you make up with them it is not the same, the trust is never complete. Not so with Hashem. In fact the gemara says quite the opposite. B'Makom SeBaalei Teshuva Omdim Ein Tzadikim Gemurin Yecholim La'amod", Baalei Teshuva are closer to Hashem more so than Tzadikim who can never reach the same heights.

The Tomer Devora explains that this is because a tzaddik is not so tempted by that aveira whereas a Baal Teshuva must fight himself and struggle to avoid that aveira. He stands much further away from the aveira than a tzaddik who is not scared to be in its proximity. Therefore the Baal Teshuva stands on Holier ground.

This is the Midda of "Yashuv Yerachameihu"; Hashem returns the sinner to his good graces even more than before he sinned. So too with our friends. We should learn to forgive and really forget. We should embrace them with extra closeness after the fallout. This way we will be zocheh for Hashem to accept our Teshuva as well.

Revach L'Neshama
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