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Tomer Devora Midda 8: Adding It All Up... Not!

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Tomer Devora Midda 8: Adding It All Up... Not!
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Revach L'Neshama

When considering doing a very difficult and time consuming favor to a friend we often weigh the good he has done for us versus the bad. The overall light in which we place him will determine our decision to put out for him or not. Not so with Hashem. When a person does a mitzva, the mitzva goes up to Shamayim and is placed before Hashem. When we do an aveira it is denied entry into Hashem's presence. Hashem is Kovesh Avon, he suppresses the aveira.

What is the implication of this? If someone does 40 mitzvos and 10 aveiros he does not have a grand total of 30 mitzvos. They do not counteract each other. The mitzva is precious and stands for eternity and cannot be washed away by an aveira. Hashem punishes the person for the aveira and then he is free and clear to collect his heavenly reward for every single one of his mitzvos in full.

We must emulate Hashem says the Tomer Devora. When judging friends we must cherish the good they have done for us and remember it at all times. The bad must be suppressed. No matter how we choose to deal with the bad the good must be repaid in full without being tarnished in any way.

Revach L'Neshama
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