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The Regal Glow of Modesty

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The Regal Glow of Modesty
By Rebbetzin D. Weinberg
Voices from Jerusalem, (1999)
Aish HaTorah Media Center
A Live Lecture on 1 Audio Cassette - Tape# WD 635B

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 14, 2002

Modesty is often most closely associated with women, and most people think of this term solely in terms of modest clothing. The Jewish view of modesty encompasses a much bigger area. Tznius (the Hebrew word for modesty) is a term that is applicable to both men and women, and it deals with all realms of modesty, including thought, deed, and attire. In her lecture, The Regal Glow of Modesty Rebbetzin D. Weinberg presents a solid overview of what modesty means, in the Jewish sense, and why it is such an important quality to cultivate.

During this lecture, Rebbetzin Weinberg, discusses what is meant by the term tznius, and how it relates to the English word modesty. She also offers examples of how to be more modest, in all aspects of your life. And she also stresses the extreme importance of dressing modestly. The Rebbetzin also points at that, according to Jewish law, women are commanded not to dress like the goyim, and she explains why this is so.

At the heart of this lecture is the message that by being modest, we are observing the mitzvah of emulating HaShem. In addition, by being modest in all aspects of our life, we are nourishing our souls. As the Rebbetzin says in this lecture, "Tznius is to the soul like good health is to the body." One point that Rebbetzin Weinberg makes in this lecture that I found especially interesting is that, in being modest, one should take special care not to brag about the mitzvot that you are doing. In other words, be humble and lead by example and deed. In this manner you will be a more effective spokeswomen for HaShem and you will find that you are able to more effectively encourage others to be more observant.

This lecture is interspersed with lessons garnered from the words of the sages, and by examples of the power of tznius that the Rebbetzin has witnessed. This lecture also offers the listener an excellent overview of the concept of tznius, and offers some wonderful examples of how to be more modest. In short, The Regal Glow of Modesty is an excellent introduction, or review, of the concept of tznius. It is not, however, a comprehensive overview of the subject. For those seeking more information on this vital topic, I would recommend that they talk with a knowledgeable person and read Modesty - An Adornment for Life, by Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk. This book discusses the laws (halachos), and concepts surrounding tznius in-depth. It also goes into great detail on how one should try to act and dress. There is also a supplement to this book with 'educational diagrams' that clearly delineates what is kosher and what is not when it comes to dressing modestly.

Modesty - An Adornment for Life can be purchased from Feldheim Publishers, and from several online bookstores such as
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