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New and Notable - 2013

  • December 23 - Beginner's Ladino , by Alla Markova.
    A beginner's course in Ladino, includes a paperback book and 2 audio CDs.

  • December 16 - A Jew Among Romans: The Life and Legacy of Flavius Josephus, by Frederic Raphael.
    An expansive biography of Josephus, the Jewish general who became a renowned Roman historian.

  • December 9 - My Race: A Jewish Girl Growing Up Under Apartheid in South Africa , by Lorraine Lotzof Abramson.
    "My Race is the memoir of a gifted Jewish athlete growing up under the apartheid system of South Africa."

  • December 2 - My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, by Ari Shavit.
    "Shavit draws on interviews, historical documents, private diaries, and letters, as well as his own family’s story, illuminating the pivotal moments of the Zionist century..."

  • November 25 - Fodor's Israel, by Fodor's.
    Best-selling, full-color travel guide to Israel.

  • November 18 - Hanukkah in America: A History, by Dianne Ashton.
    (The Goldstein-Goran Series in American Jewish History) This " reveals how an almost forgotten festival became the most visible of American Jewish holidays."

  • November 11 - The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary, by The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.
    With over 50,000 entries, this dictionary offers coverage of current idioms and phrases, slang and colloquialisms, technical and scientific terminology, academic discourse, legal and medical terminology.

  • November 4 - Loyalty Betrayed: Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War, by Peter C. Appelbaum.
    "Around 30 Jewish chaplains served with honor and distinction in the German army during World War I, providing spiritual care for about 100,000 Jewish, as well as non-Jewish, soldiers, and also Jewish refugees made homeless by the Tsarist army."

  • October 28 - The Ladino Collection Volume I, edited by Cantor Richard Botton.
    Anthology of Jewish Art Songs (English and Spanish Edition). This collection of folksong favorites includes an eclectic variety of accompaniment configurations, including piano, guitar, and flute. Arrangements for solo voice and accompaniment by Richard Nuemann.

  • October 21 - Oy, My Buenos Aires: Jewish Immigrants and the Creation of Argentine National Identity, by Mollie Lewis Nouwen.
    Focusing on the daily lives of ordinary Jews in Buenos Aires, Nouwen examines how Yiddish speaking immigrants to the region helped to define Argentinian identity.

  • October 14 - Countrymen, by Bo Lidegaard.
    The untold story of how Denmark's Jews escaped the Nazis, of the courage of their fellow Danes - and the extraordinary role of the SS.

  • October 7 - The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem, by Jeremy Dauber.
    The Remarkable Life and Afterlife of the Man Who Created Tevye - A biography of Sholem Aleichem.

  • September 30 - Chumash Mesoras Harav - Sefer Bereishis, by Arnold Lustiger.
    Chumash with Commentary Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik - Sefer Bereishis.

  • September 23 - Hebrew Classics: A Journey Through Israel's Timeless Fiction and Poetry, by Dvir Abramovich.
    A fascinating survey of Modern Hebrew Literature and the authors who choose Hebrew as the medium in which they crafted their stories.

  • September 16 - 1929: Mapping the Jewish World , edited by Hasia R. Diner and Gennady Estraikh.
    Using 1929 as its focal point, this collection of essays examines the state of Jewish society during the interwar period, and it covers a range of topics from philanthropy and literature to politics and migration.

  • September 9 - Koren Sacks Yom Kippur Mahzor, by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
    This Mahzor brings out the inner meaning of the Yom Kippur prayers by aligning the Hebrew and English texts, highlighting key words, distinguishing poetry from prose, and using beautiful fonts...

  • September 2 - Yom Kippur Children's Machzor , by Noam Zimmerman.
    An innovative Yom Kippur prayer book designed to introduce young children to the prayers and concepts of Yom Kippur. Illustrated with enlightening clay sculptures created by a thirteen-year-old artist.

  • August 26 - Machzor Hagadol for Rosh Hashanah Volume 1 - Extra Large Print, by Rabbi David H Toiv.
    Published by The Jewish Heritage for the Blind, this Hebrew Only, extra large print Machzor follows the Nusach Sefard tradition. This is volume 1 of a two volume set.

    Link for Volume 2: Machzor Hagadol for Rosh Hashanah Volume 2 - Extra Large Print

  • August 19 - Rosh Hashanah Readings: Inspiration, Information and Contemplation, edited by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins.
    This selection of readings, prayers and insights explores the opportunities for inspiration and reflection inherent in the subjects addressed on the Jewish New Year.

  • August 12 - The Complete ArtScroll Machzor for Rosh Hashanah: Large Print Edition, by Rabbi Nosson Scherman and Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz.
    The Weinberg Foundation's large type edition of the ArtScroll Rosh Hashanah Machzor, combined with the ArtScroll s Kippur Machzor, offers readers a unified, and complete set of large type Machzorim for the High Holidays.

  • August 5 - The Tragedy of a Generation: The Rise and Fall of Jewish Nationalism in Eastern Europe, by Joshua M. Karlip.
    Chronicles the efforts to create an autonomous Jewish nation in Europe, and why these efforts failed.

  • July 29 - Amidst the Shadows of Trees, by Miriam M. Brysk.
    A moving memoir that recounts a young girl's experiences in the Lida Ghetto, and living with partisans in the Lipiczany Forest. This memoir also details Miriam's experiences after the war and how she went on to become a noted scientist, despite having missed out on years of schooling during the Holocaust.

  • July 22 - Rabbinic Authority: The Vision and the Reality, by A. Yehuda Warburg.
    An introduction, in English, on the scope of rabbinic authority, and the workings of the institution of the beit din (Jewish court of law).

  • July 15 - The Koren Mesorat HaRav Kinot, commentary by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and edited by Rabbi Simon Poser.
    The Complete Tisha B'Av Service with Commentary by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (Hebrew/English Edition).

  • July 8 - The Tattered Prayer Book, by Ellen Bari.
    This is a tender and well-illustrated book that introduces children, ages 6-10, to the Holocaust. It tells the story of a young boy who found a tattered and burned prayer book on the floor of a synagogue after Kristallnacht, and how this prayer book offered him comfort in the dark days to come.

  • July 1 - Jewish 2013-2014 Engagement Calendar: Jewish Year 5774, by The Jewish Museum, New York.
    This calendar features 53 full-color Judaic ceremonial masterpieces from the collection of The Jewish Museum, New York.

  • June 24 - The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe, by Olga Gershenson.
    An overview of Soviet films depicting the Holocaust (including the mass murder of Jews at Babi Yar), Nazism, antisemitism, some of these films were made as early as 1938.

  • June 17 - The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish, by R' Moshe Sherizen.
    This handy language guidebook teaches you more than 1,500 common Yiddish words and phrases.

  • June 10 - Yiddish: An Introduction to the Language, Literature & Culture, Volumes 1 and 2, by Sheva Zucker.
    A complete introductory course in Modern Yiddish that is equivalent to a 3-4 semester university level sequence in Yiddish. The course consists of two textbooks, two companion sets of audio recordings that are keyed to the text, as well as answer keys for the exercises in both textbooks. This series is ideal for use in both formal classroom settings and for use by independent students.

  • June 3 - The Sages: Character, Context & Creativity - Volume 3: The Galilean Period, by Rabbi Binyamin Lau.
    In the third installment of his overview of Rabbinic Judaism, Rabbi Lau covers the Galilean period.

  • May 27 - Jews Fight Too!, by Mac Davis.
    Published in 1945, this collection of biographical sketches proves that Jews are indeed fighters, and have taken up arms in defensive of themselves and others throughout history.

  • May 20 - The American Jewish Story through Cinema, by Eric A. Goldman.
    (Jewish Life, History, and Culture series.) "This groundbreaking study analyzes select mainstream films from the beginning of the sound era to today to provide an understanding of the American Jewish experience over the last century."

  • May 13 - Jewish Journeys near Jerusalem: A Tourist's Guide, by Jay Levinson.
    Using Jerusalem as your base camp, this guide book examines all the nearby locations that you might want to visit.

  • May 6 - Schottenstein Interlinear Shavuos Machzor Full Size Ashkenaz, edited by Rabbi Menachem Davis
    Shavuos prayerbook - The Interlinear Series brings you ArtScroll’s tradition of excellence in translation, a masterfully written commentary, clear, concise instructions and comprehensive Laws sections.

  • April 29 - Jerusalem: Footsteps Through Time, by Ahron Horovitz.
    A unique travel guide that provides 'Ten Torah Study Tours of the Old City' complete with directions and detailed commentary.

  • April 22 - Sadie and the Big Mountain, by Jamie Korngold and illustrated by Julie Fortenberry.
    Part of Kar-Ben Publishing's Lag B'omer & Shavuot series. Sadie's preschool class is going to 'climb' Mt. Sinai to celebrate Shavuot - and Sadie doesn't think she can make the climb...

  • April 15 - A History of Israel from the Rise of Zionism to Our Time, by Howard M. Sachar.
    This is a monumental history of Israel, covering the period from the rise of Jewish nationalism in the early 1800's to the end of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war.

  • April 7 - Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, edited by Yisrael Gutman and Michael Berenbaum.
    A collection of essays by leading scholars that presents a comprehensive and chilling overview of the history and inner workings of Auschwitz, and the role that it played in the Nazi's 'Final Solution'.

  • April 1 - Holocaust Literature: A History and Guide, by David G. Roskies and Naomi Diamant.
    (Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry) A survey of what Holocaust literature is, how it changes over time, and how it differs around the world.

  • March 25 - American Diplomacy and the Israeli War of Independence, by Frank W. Brecher.
    A look at the fundamental issues, and causes, of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and at the goals of American Foreign policy in this area.

  • March 18 - ArtScroll Youth Haggadah, translation and comments by Rabbi Nosson Scherman and Rabbi Yitzchok Zev Scherman.
    This is an oversized, fully illustrated Haggadah that features the complete text of the Haggadah in Hebrew, along with a simplified translation in English and brief commentary on the text that was designed especially for younger readers.

  • March 11 - Passover by Design, by Susie Fishbein.
    One of the many books in the Kosher by Design cookbook series, this volume provides not only Pesach recipes, but also tips on hosting, decorating for, and organizing the perfect Seder.

  • March 4 - Sacks Passover Haggada, by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
    This Haggada features commentary by Rabbi Sacks, along with essays that explore and expand upon the Pesach story.

  • February 26 - The Contemporary Eruv: Eruvin in Modern Metropolitan Areas, by R' Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer.
    This is the third edition of this essential guide presents a clear overview, in English, of what an Eruv is, how it is constructed, and the halacha associated with creating and using an Eruv.

  • February 18 - Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary, edited by Solon Beinfeld and Harry Bochner.
    With more than 37,000 entries, this is the most detailed and comprehensive Yiddish-English dictionary currently available.

  • February 11 - Purim Goodies, by Amalia Hoffman.
    This is a wonderfully illustrated children's book about a Purim misadventure of two young girls that is based on a story by Sholom Aleichem.

  • February 4 - Purim and the Persian Empire, by Rabbi Yehuda Landy.
    This book provides a unique historical, archaeological, & geographical perspective on the Megillas Esther that will help bring the story of Purim to life for you like never before.

  • January 28 - The Jewish Americans This documentary, on DVD, covers 350 years in the lives of Jews who have struggled to maintain their religious identity and still be fully accepted as Americans.

  • January 21 - Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language and Culture of Orthodox Judaism, by Sarah Benor
    (Jewish Cultures of the World) This book offers a scholarly, yet accessible, look at the linguistic and cultural process of becoming frum (religious).

  • January 14 - The Jews of Pinsk, 1881 to 1941, by Azriel Shohet and edited by Mark Jay Mirsky and Moshe Rosman.
    (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture) This is the second book in the monumental, two-volume history of the Jews of Pinsk. The first volume in this series is The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880, and it was written by Mordechai Nadav.

  • January 7 - Israel: A History, by Anita Shapira.
    (The Schusterman Series in Israel Studies). Written by one of Israel's most notable scholars, this volume provides a breathtaking history of Israel from the origins of the Zionist movement in the late nineteenth century to the present day.

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