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A Woman's Guide To The Laws Of Niddah

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Woman's Guide To The Laws Of Niddah

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A Woman's Guide To The Laws Of Niddah
By Rabbi Binyomin Forst
Mesorah Publications, Ltd.
ISBN: 1-57819-138-6

Preface from A Woman's Guide To The Laws Of Niddah

This work is different than the previous works on Hilchos B’rachos, Kashrus and Niddah. Those were detailed works with extensive footnotes, geared for someone studying those subjects in depth. This volume on Hilchos Niddah was written specifically as a practical guide for women. It is both less and more. It is less detailed, less complicated so that one will not be overwhelmed by the material. But also more tailored to the specific needs of women in general and kallos in particular.

This book is divided into two parts:

Book One covers halachos that pertain to every married woman. These should be studied by a woman and reviewed every so often during married life. Chapter Twenty-Three is a summary of most of the halachos and may be used for a quick review.

Book Two, from Chapters Twenty-Four to Twenty-Six was written with the specific needs of a kallah in mind. It deals with issues that are pertinent to a kallah before and after her wedding, regarding both halachic and practical matters. A kallah who wishes to study a general and less detailed presentation of the halachos should study Chapters One, Two and Twenty-Three and then proceed to Book Two.

This book is intended to provide the reader with an overview of hilchos niddah. It will enable a woman to rapidly assimilate basic concepts and provide guidance and advice related to common, real-life situations. It will provide a framework which will hopefully motivate her to deepen her knowledge of the underlying concepts related to these halachos. Upon completion of this book, the reader will recognize the complications and unusual situations that require consultation with a Rav and will be able to present a sheilah properly.

This book is not meant to be a substitute for learning hilchos niddah with an experienced kallah teacher. No printed book can replace the advice, understanding and encouragement that a kallah teacher can provide. Every kallah needs someone to speak to who can guide her through this most momentous phase in her life. This should preferably done on a one-to-one basis. It is more difficult to grasp the concepts when they are being taught in a class. Also, it is difficult to ask questions when learning with a class. Most importantly, a kallah who develops a personal relationship with her kallah teacher is able to consult with her and discuss with her any problems that may arise.

This book is not meant to take the place of a Rav. We cannot adequately emphasize the importance of choosing a Rav and asking sheilos. One who does not consult with a Rav regarding problematic situations in hilchos niddah may unknowingly be violating one or more of its prohibitions.

This book is not meant to be the last word in hilchos niddah; there is no such thing as a last word in halachah. Many halachos in hilchos niddah are subject to differing opinions, even among contemporary Poskim. There are issues in which leading contemporary halachic authorities disagree. This is as it always was, as far back as Hillel and Shamai. Thus, we often cannot honestly present to our readers a final ruling and state “this is what the Poskim say.” Rather, where there is a consensus of halachic opinion, we present it as such. Where Poskim disagree, we will cite the differing opinions and suggest that one consult one’s Rav who will weigh the issues and present a halachic ruling. We feel that this is the fairest and most honest policy.

Used by permission, ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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