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A Hedge of Roses

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A Hedge of Roses

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A Hedge of Roses (6th Edition, Revised)
Jewish Insights into Marriage and Married Life
By Rabbi Norman Lamm
Feldheim Publishers, NY: 1987
ISBN: 0-87306-434-8

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - November 7, 2008

Continuously in print since 1966, A Hedge of Roses by Norman Lamm has long been the definitive introductory book on Jewish family purity laws (Taharat ha-mishpahah) and the spiritual aspects of a Jewish marriage. This book is designed to introduce Jewish marriage practices to those new to Judaism, for individuals contemplating marriage, and for those already married who are looking to explore the spiritual aspects of married life.

Concise and to the point, A Hedge of Roses does not attempt to explain all the laws of Taharat ha-mishpahah, Niddah (laws of separation), or how and when the Mikvah (ritual bath) is used. Rather Lamm sets out to explain the basic principles behind these laws and practices and to explain how these laws raise intimate marital relations to a spiritual level. He explores how these religious practices serve to strengthen the Jewish marriage bond and improve the level of happiness and satisfaction within a marriage. He also looks at the psychological and philosophical aspects of these practices.

Over the years, A Hedge of Roses has been continually updated and revised, ensuring that this handy guide remains as fresh and significant as when it was first written. Within the pages of this tiny, discrete book, you'll find a wealth of information, insights, and inspiration. This book will help to ensure the sanctity of Jewish married life and the Jewish home.

A Hedge of Roses is designed to be an appetizer, a book that introduces you to a subject and prepares you for further study on the spiritual and religious aspects of Jewish married life. For those that hunger to learn more about Taharat ha-mishpahah and the spiritual aspects inherent in a Jewish marriage, I recommend the following books:
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