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The Classic Family Zemiros

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Classic Family Zemiros

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The Classic Family Zemiros
Leatherette 8 Piece Slipcased Set
Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Mesorah Publications, New York
ISBN: 1578199492


A fine gift idea -- for your host or yourself! This beautifully crafted leatherette case contains 8 copies of the classic ArtScroll Family Zemiros, each with a leatherette embossed cover. Includes grace after meals and Sabbath songs translated and annotated in a multi-color motif. It helps enliven your Sabbath table with the traditional songs so that everyone can follow along on the same page.

A beautiful and practical addition to any Sabbath table!

Table of Contents

Introduction Bircas HaMazon Zemiros - Sabbath Eve Zemiros - Sabbath Morning Zemiros - Shalosh Seudos Zemiros - Melava Malka
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