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The Private Eyes and the Mysterious Submarine

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The Private Eyes and the Mysterious Submarine

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The Private Eyes and the Mysterious Submarine
By Neta Tzvieli
Translated into English by Chana Devorah Sklar
Illustrated by David Bichman
Feldheim Publishers, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59826-286-5

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - June 29, 2009

The Private Eyes and the Mysterious Submarine is a dramatic, funny, and pulse-pounding story about four good friends, who stumble upon a terrorist plot to destroy Tel Aviv. It will take all the wit, ingenuity, and daring that these four religious boys can muster if they are to defeat the enemy.

This page-turning story is set in the year 1966, and it follows the adventures of Mordy Leifer, Yanky Scharff, Reuvi Davidowitz, and Itamar Navoni. When Mordy finds a derelict rowboat, the boys join forces to make it sea worthy. After fixing up their vessel and outfitting it with an old speedboat engine, they set out on the biggest adventure in their young lives. Having so much fun, the boys sail further out to sea than they intended, and before they can make their way home they discover that a group of terrorists are using a submarine to smuggle a bomb into Israel, their target - the metropolitan city of Tel Aviv. To thwart this nefarious plot the boys will not only have to outsmart the terrorist, but they will also have to learn how to pilot a submarine!

Originally published in Hebrew as HaBalashim baTzolelet, The Private Eyes and the Mysterious Submarine is an engaging story that will delight both young adults, and those young at heart! The story was written by Neta Tzvieli, and it is enhanced by the inclusion of some pen and ink sketches by David Bichman. This is the first book in Tzvieli's Private Eyes series to be translated into English, and if your kids are like mine, they will be clamoring for the next volume before they've even finished this one! So, hopefully, it will not be too long until Tzvieli's next book is released in English. Highly recommended for readers of all ages.

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