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The Palestinians: Facts & Fables

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The Palestinians: Facts & Fables
By Rav Yaakov Weinberg Zt"l
Voices from Jerusalem, (1999)
Aish HaTorah Media Center
A Live Lecture on 1 Audio Cassette - Tape# WY 868

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 14, 2002

A few years ago, Rav Yaakov Weinberg (zt"l) gave a lecture on the various myths surrounding the Palestinians and their interactions with Israel. A compelling lecture in its own right, recent events have conspired to bring a special sense of urgency to the dissemination of the information that Rav Weinberg conveyed during this lecture.

According to Rav Weinberg, the Palestinian 'issue' was created by television! He contends that there was never a Palestinian issue until one was created by the television coverage of the first Palestinian Intifada. Had it not been for the television coverage, the Intifada would have remained what it had started as, a simple riot, one which would have died a natural death a few days after it began.

This lecture, The Palestinians: Facts & Fables covers a contentious subject, and Rav Weinberg offers a compelling explanation of how the Palestinian 'issue' first arose. But, as he is quick to point out, no matter how this issue came into being, it is here - and we have to deal with it. Rav Weinberg points out that, as things now stand, giving the Palestinians their own state would be suicidal for Israel. In this lecture he explains why he feels this way, and he backs up his assertions with historical evidence.

Rav Weinberg also explains that, until recently, there was never a Palestinian issue because there were just a minuscule number of "Palestinians" in Israel when the state was founded. Most of the 'new' Palestinians came to Israel in search of jobs. Those 'real' Palestinians, who have a multi generational history on the land, are, for the most part, now citizens of Israel. Whereas, most of those claiming to be Palestinians are actually from Jordan. Rav Weinberg explains why this is a fact, and as he contends, why do the Palestinians need a 'state' when they already have one - Jordan?

This lecture will make you take a new look at the events currently unfolding in Israel. Even if you do not fully agree with Rav Weinberg's thesis, you will be hard pressed not to accept his declaration that, for the majority of the Arabs, this 'problem' is not a problem between nations, rather it is a problem of ingrained Arab anti-Semitism. A fact that is evident by the uniform response to each of Israel's offers to return the lands captured, after Israel was attacked by various Arab nations, in return for peace. The Arab response, "No negotiation, no recognition, no peace!" Rav Weinberg provides an overview of the various Israeli - Arab wars, and he clearly delineates why 'land for peace' is no peace at all, and anyone who thinks it is, is deluding themselves.

I highly recommend that you listen to this tape - no matter what side of the fence you are on!

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