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Parasha Challenge

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Parasha Challenge
Created by Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz
Exciting Chumash Quiz Game Featuring Over 500 Questions on Sefer Bereishis!
CD-ROM For Windows and Mac
From Davka Corporation, (2004)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 28, 2005

Davka Corporation's Parasha Challenge is a fun and instructive method of testing your knowledge of Sefer Bereishis. Created by Rabbit Shlomo Schwartz, this game is perfect for both adults and children. The only requirement for this game is a basic familiarity with Sefer Bereishis and the ability to read the questions and answers in Hebrew. In all, the Challenge includes more than 500 multiple choice questions on the events described in the Sefer Bereishis (Book of Genesis) along with Rashi's Commentaries. The Challenge comes on a single CD-ROM that will work on both Windows and Mac computers. You can play the Challenge directly from the CD, or install the program onto your hard drive.

The Challenge is conducted on a colorful and engaging platform. Snappy background music is also included, which can be turned off with a click on the 'musical note' button found in the lower left hand screen of the game. The Challenge is played on a static screen that displays the players scores, a countdown clock, a notice of the round being played and the Parasha that the question is derived from, the question itself, and the four possible answers. High score certificates can also be printed if you score well enough.

Game play is very straight forward and it has a simple interface. You can play with one or two players and you can selected which Parashiot you wish to be tested on, or you can elect to answer questions drawn from the entire Sefer. The basic interface for the game is in English, except for the list of Parashiot that you can choose from before starting the game. Some of the questions and answers are written totally in vowelized Hebrew, others in a combination of English and vowelized Hebrew. The questions are displayed along with four possible answers. you simply click on the correct answer. If you are wrong, the correct answer will be displayed. There are three, 2-minute rounds in each challenge. The first round allows you to click a hint button which will remove two of the wrong answers or a picture will be displayed that gives you a clue to the correct answer. In the second round, you cannot use the hint option, and in the third round each question will only appear for a set period. If you don't answer the question in time, it will be counted as a wrong answer.

This is a fun and challenging game that is suited for anyone who can read Sefer Bereishis in Hebrew. It is perfect for all age groups and educational levels. The Parasha Challenge can be used as a tool to review the material studied in Sefer Bereishis, or as a rousing game. As a game, the Parasha Challenge offers hours of excitement for the whole family, while also readily reinforcing the players knowledge of Sefer Bereishis!

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