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Conversations with Yourself

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Conversations with Yourself
A Practical Guide to Greater Happiness, Self-Development and Self-Empowerment
By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Artscroll - Mesorah Publications, New York: 2007
ISBN: 1-4226-0565-5

Reviewed by Simon Bonim - August 20, 2007

Everyone has a non-stop internal dialog going on at all times. In other words, we all talk to ourselves. Sometimes this conversation is thoughtful, at other times it is off handed, little more than acknowledging to yourself that you like or dislike something. In Conversations with Yourself: A Practical Guide to Greater Happiness, Self-Development and Self-Empowerment Rabbi Zelig Pliskin examines how you can direct these ongoing personal conversations with yourself in order to foster spiritual and self-development, to empower yourself, to learn from your conversations, to become a more self-satisfied person, and to use these internal conversations to problem solve.

Rabbi Pliskin is a best-selling author and motivational speaker, and he has broken down the material in this book into 91 pithy chapters that clearly explain the importance of taking control of your inner conversations and directing them toward productive uses. To this end, Rabbi Pliskin, offers practical, easy to follow guidance on how to achieve this worthy goal. Along the way, he also explains just why it is so important to take control of these conversations rather than to let them simply unfold ad hoc.

Rabbi Pliskin's writing style in this book is, aptly, conversational. He has included a plethora of examples that show his technique of controlled internal conversation in action. As well, he also shows how these techniques can be used to guide everyday conversations (with other people) to avoid negative speech and to move conversations in a more purposeful direction. In writing this book, Rabbi Pliskin has drawn on a number of sources, including time-honored Jewish wisdom, the teaching of the sages, and real-life examples.

In addition to the wealth of advice and guidance that Rabbi Pliskin offers throughout this book on the deleterious effects of negative self-talking, and the overwhelming beneficial effects of positive self-talking, he also offers a handy list of self-talk phrases that you can use to get yourself in the habit of talking positively with yourself. There are more than 400 phrases contained in this list - so if you only concentrate on one a day, you will have more than a year's worth of positive messages to give yourself. Most important of all, by talking positively to yourself, thereby raising your own self esteem and satisfaction with life, you will by extension become a positive influence on others. This is because as you become more positive, internally, your outlook and personality will automatically develop a positive and wholesome countenance!

Conversations with Yourself: A Practical Guide to Greater Happiness, Self-Development and Self-Empowerment is a wonderfully uplifting and inspirational book that touches upon a topic that most have overlooked - how your ongoing inner dialog affects your entire life! This is an eye-opening book and it is essential reading for anyone who wants to improve their life and their middos by learning how to direct their inner self-talk in a positive direction, while also learning how to avoid negative self-talk.

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