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Let's Talk! Live

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Let's Talk! Live
Modern Hebrew for Teens

A Live Audio Recording of the 15 Hebrew Dialogues in Let's Talk, on One CD
Dialogues by Pearl Tarnor and Nili Ziv
Behrman House Publishers, 2007
ISBN: 0-87441-784-8

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - February 8, 2010

Let's Talk! Live the companion CD to the lively Hebrew textbook, Let's Talk! Modern Hebrew for Teens. This CD contains live audio recordings of all fifteen dialogs found in the Let's Talk textbook. The pronunciation used in these recordings reflects, in many cases, popular usage - not 'textbook' Hebrew. Each character in the book is 'read' by a different individual - including children and adults, and readers from both genders. This gives listeners the opportunity to hear Hebrew spoken in a variety of voices, providing them with an excellent opportunity to improve their own speaking skills and to improve their listening skills. The dialogs on this CD where read by Daniel Auerbach, Josh Bachner, Dani Dagan, Hayley Miller, Cantor Kenny Ellis, Judy Karta, Avi Ziv, and Nili Ziv.

In Let's Talk, students follow four teenagers from three different countries, as they travel to, and throughout, Israel. Along the way they have many adventures, including riding a camel, visiting relatives, celebrating a bat mitzvah, floating in the Dead Sea, and taking a boat ride on the Red Sea. The Let's Talk Live CD allows students to listen to the dialogs while reading along in the text, to check their Hebrew pronunciation, and to practice their listening comprehension skills. The CD can be played via a number of devices including your home or car CD player, your computer, or even on your iPod or MP3 player.

Although I would recommend using this CD in conjunction with the Let's Talk textbook, it can also be used profitably on its own, either to help create a 'Hebrew' environment in a classroom or home setting, or to give students extra practice of their listening comprehension skills. Throughout the readers speak at a moderate pace, which most students will find ideal, both in terms of perfecting their Hebrew pronunciation and comprehending the dialogs. I.e., the dialogs are read at a pace nowhere near as fast as native Hebrew speakers speak, nor so slow that the words are slurred.

Let's Talk Live is a wonderful learning aid, which can be used in both classroom settings and at home. This CD is an excellent companion to the Let's Talk textbook, and combined, they make an ideal set to help get teenagers motivated to continue their Hebrew studies past their bar or bat mitzvah preparation.

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