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That Hungarian's in My Kitchen

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That Hungarian's in My Kitchen

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That Hungarian's in My Kitchen
125 Hungarian American Kosher Recipes
By Linda F. Radke
Five Star Publications, (1997)
ISBN: 1-877749-28-1

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - July 13, 2003

Containing recipes for everything from Chop Suey to Hungarian Fish Soup, That Hungarian's in My Kitchen offers cooks an eclectic collection of Kosher recipes that will spice up your cooking repertoire. This delightful cookbook contains 125 recipes that are Hungarian in nature. While most hold firmly to their Hungarian roots, several, such as the Chop Suey recipe, have been severally Americanized. Within the pages of this cookbook, you will also find a few American recipes that have been deliciously Hungarianized!

All the recipes in this collection come from members of the Weiss Family, and all the recipes are kosher. They were compiled by Linda F. Radke, who is a descendent of Emma and David Weiss, who were originally from Hungry. Being family recipes, they are all 'tried and true' dishes and I found that all the recipes I tried to be easy to follow. In addition, I was able to obtain all the necessary ingredients at my local grocery store - there was no need to make a trip to a speciality store.

Although the recipes in this collection are kosher, they are not marked as to wether they are parve (neutral), milchig (dairy), or fleishig (meat). Therefore, you will need to check out the ingredients in each recipe before making up your menus. One helpful addition to this cookbook is that a number of the main dish recipes provide hints on how to adjust the cooking times or methods so that the particular dish can be served on Shabbos. One dish that you will surely want to add to your Shabbos repertoire is the Wet Roast. This easy to make beef roast has a surprise secrete ingredient - Coca-Cola!

The recipes in this cookbook run the gamut from Challahs and Hungarian Goulashes to Sweet Potato Tzimmes and Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage. From traditional Jewish dishes such as Potato Kugel, Kreplach, Homemade Gefilte Fish, and Hamantaschen to contemporary fare such Devil's Food Cake, this cookbook will delight cooks of all skill levels. Most of the recipes in this cookbook are accessible to even the most novice of cooks, yet there is enough variation within the recipes to enchant the seasoned cook.

Besides the wealth of recipes contained in this collection, this cookbook is enhanced by the inclusion of some very helpful hints that you will find useful around the kitchen. Historical information about the Weiss family, including photos, is also featured. This information helps to personalize the recipes and helps to explain how the recipes have matured over time. That Hungarian's in My Kitchen will make a fine addition to any cook's library.

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