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The following short Halacha Shiurim on Tshuvos are provided courtesy of Revach L'Neshama

Revach L'Neshama

Good Wishes From A Goy, A Bracha From A Goy - Should We Answer Amen?

Minchas Yitzchok: Give A Name To All Deceased Infants, Boys and Girls Alike

Succah Decorations That Were Made For Non Jewish Holidays

Satmar Rav and Klausenberger Rebbe: Upsherin In The 3 Weeks?

Sh'ut M'Beis Yisrael: An Overnight Plane Trip and Tefilas HaDerech

Igros Moshe: What Happens If A Mechalel Shabbos Touches Your Wine?

Rav Moshe Shternbuch: On Teaching Children Tanach

Shevet HaKehosi: Two Jews, Three Shuls and Two Bulding Campaigns

Motza’ei Shabbos: When Is It Proper For A Person Change Out of His Shabbos Clothing?

Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach On Sitting Next To A Lady On a Bus

B'tzel HaChochma: Schar Pesios With A Car? Sorry, You Need To Walk

Have You Ever Seen A Woman Standing Outside On Motza'ei Shabbos Saying Kiddush Levana?

Rav Moshe Shternbuch: Can You Throw Newspapers With Torah Content Into The Garbage?

Shevet HaKehosi: Can You Use Someone Else's Bathroom Without Asking Permission?

Sdei Chemed: Indulging In Shabbos Pleasures - Why Not Make a Bracha?

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach: On The Obligation Of Maaser From Gifts

Rav Moshe Feinstein and Rav Elyashiv: On Weddings The Night Of Shivah Asar b'Tamuz

Food Menu For Women And Children Who Are Not Required To Fast

Partial Fast For The Sick And Weak?

Music In The 3 Weeks: Recorded Music, Acapella, Kumzitz, Singing To Yourself, Music Lessons

Special Minhagim Of Tikkun Chatzos In The 3 Weeks

Rav Chaim Kanievsky's Advice On Playing Basketball on Shabbos

Zecher L'Churban: Leaving A Wall Opposite The Doorway In Your House Unpainted (Amah Al Amah)

Rav Ovadia Yosef: Is Coffee Bishul Akum?

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach: Can Women Drink Before Kiddush Shabbos Morning?

Brachos Quiz: A Fruit and A Candy - One Bracha? Two? What Order?

Be'er Moshe: Baby Looking in Mirror, Walking Over Children, and Red Strings - Old Wives Tales or Real Minhag?

Shevet HaKehosi: Can You Erase Hashem's Name If It Is Written As A Single Letter Daled or Hey?

Parshas Korach: Chacham Tzvi - Can Bais Din Force a Father To Redeem His Firstborn Son?

Shabbos Candles: Many But Still Two

Rav Moshe Shternbuch: Should You Wear Tcheiles in Your Tzitzis??

Parshas Shlach: Tzitzis - Why Did the Chazon Ish Wear a Cotton Beged?

Rav Moshe Shterbuch: Wedding Squabbles - Mesader Kedushim, Who Chooses?

Rav Moshe Shternbuch: Does A Baal Tshuva Need To Pay Back-Maaser?

Issues Regarding Decorating the Shul With Trees on Shavuos

Igros Moshe: Garments That Are Made From Synthetic Material Are NOT Obligated in Tzitzis

Issur of Ribbis and Credit Cards

Minchas Yitzchak-Mishna Brura: Can You Say Bircas Ha"Ilanos After the Month of Nisan?

Rav Schach: Yissochar-Zevulun Win-Win

Shavuos Temimos: Do We Need to Wait for Tzais Hacochavim For Maariv Shavuos Night?

Igros Moshe: Should We Stand Up When We Read Aseres Hadibros on Shavuos?

Can You Give Up Your Life Rather Than Commit an Aveira If the Halacha Does Not Require it?

Chasam Sofer: Women, Tefilin, and Yetzias Mitzrayim

Noda B'Yehuda: Planning a Hunting Trip this Chol Hamo'ed? Maybe not.

Binyan Tzion: Is it Wise to Cut a Fruit Tree to Build a Building?

Binyan Tzion: Is it Permitted to Embarrass Someone in Public for the Purpose of Saving Your Life?

Piskei Tshuva: Can a Boy Take a Haircut During Sefira on the Day of His Bar Mitzva?

Brachos Dilemma: What Bracha Should be Made on Chocolate Covered Raisins?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky: A Free Ride Can Cost Money

Rav Wosner: Do Not Start a Mezuza Necklace Business

Chacham Tzvi: Can Bais Din Force a Father To Redeem His Firstborn Son?

Sridei Eish: Can a Jew Who is Married to a Non-Jew Count Towards a Minyan?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Is Your Wife Included in the Mitzva of V'Ahavta L'Rei'acha Komocha?

Can You Go to a Wedding During Days That You Keep Sefira?

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach: Missed a Night of Sefira and Still Want to Count With a Bracha? Here's How.

Shavuos All Nighter: To Tikun or Not To Tikun, That is The Question

Radvaz: Why Isn't Wearing Two Pairs of Tefilin Baal Tosif?

Chelkas Yaakov - If You Eat Bread Less than A Kizayis You Need to Make a Bracha On All the Food in The "Meal"

Btzel HaChochma: Do You Make a Bracha When Seeing the Ocean From an Airplane Window?

Rav Moshe Feinstein: Davening On An Airplane

Sridei Eish: State Parade - Can You Bring a Sefer Torah to March?

Rav Moshe Feinstein: The Torah Way To Choose A Doctor

Stripes of All Colors - Why Do We Have Them On Our Tallis?

Shavuos: Milchig / Fleishig - When Where and How?

Sridei Eish: No Bal Tosif On the Mitzvah of Sefiras Haomer

Shavuos Night: Can You Say Birchas HaTorah in The Morning?

Haircuts, Shaving, Weddings, and Music on Friday Day 31 of the Omer TOMORROW!

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach: "Ah Gutten Erev Shabbos"

Chelkas Yaakov - Matzos That Are a Little Broken On the Side Are Okay for Lechem Mishnah

Tzitz Eliezer: Mazal Tov - It's a Girl! Do We Say the Bracha of She'Hecheyanu?

Minchas Chinuch: Yovel is Like Omer - Bais Din Counts...Without Temimos

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