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Rav Wosner: Do Not Start a Mezuza Necklace Business

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Rav Wosner: Do Not Start a Mezuza Necklace Business
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Revach L'Neshama

In the Shevet Halevi (YD2 149) Rav Shmuel Wosner says that it is improper to wear a Mezuza around ones neck for protection from evil. Although the Mishna in Keilim speaks about a hollowed out walking stick with a mezuza inside for protection, he quotes the Chiddushei Anshei Shem that says that indeed people put Mezuzas in their walking stick but they were foolish and it was improper. Furthermore the Rambam ( Hilchos Mezuza 5:4) sharply criticizes people who not only are mivatel the mitzva but use the mezuza for their own personal use.

He does concede that if extra words are added to the mezuza it is not technically a mezuzah and may possibly be classified as a kmeiya (amulet). Therefore it may be permissible. Nevertheless he cautions one not to use it (and certainly not to start a business selling them) because our generation is on a low level and bad things may result from it.

Disclaimer: We try to convey the Tshuva to the best of our ability. We admit that our understanding may not be accurate. Please also understand that this Tshuva may not be the final word on this topic. One should consult a Rav before drawing any conclusions.

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