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Call Me Crazy, Just Don't Call Me Batlan!

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Call Me Crazy, Just Don't Call Me Batlan!
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Revach L'Neshama

Rav Issur Zalman Meltzer once told his nephew Rav Shach, about a Drasha that he heard from a tear filled Rav Itzele Blazer. The gemara in Yuma (34b) says that when a Rasha comes to Din in Shamayim they will ask him, “Why were you not busy with Torah”. Torah? This is his big problem? Why don’t they punish him for all his aveiros, the Krisos, Misos Beis Din, etc.? The answer explained Rav Itzele is that a person’s whole purpose on earth is to learn Torah. The first thing they ask, before all else is, “we sent you down to earth for a purpose, did you take the necessary measures to accomplish it?” After that they analyze what he did right and wrong but first they need to know if he remembered and honored his mission.

What does this Rasha answer in Bais Din Shel Ma’ala? “I didn’t learn because you made me beautiful and my Yetzer Hara kept me busy.” Rav Itzele wondered what kind of answer is this? This is like a father who asks his child why he didn’t go to Cheder that day. Would it make sense for the child to offer as an excuse, “I couldn’t because I was out stealing”?

We see from here, says Rav Itzele, that the guilt of not learning Torah is so great that a person would argue that he wasn’t guilty of learning Torah because he was busy committing other aveiros. Any answer just to get away from the guilt of the greatest crime of all, not fulfilling your mission. (Shimusha Shel Torah)

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