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Just Do It!
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Revach L'Neshama

A question that always comes up is how should a person learn. Fast to cover a lot of ground? Slower but with great depth? Should you invest time in learning with someone weaker than you or should you find a Chavrusa better than you? Many Gedolim have answers to these questions but certainly depending on the person and one's situation there are different approaches for different people.

The Chida brings the gemara in Brachos (5b) where Rebbi Yochanan comes to visit Rebbi Elazar who is sick and is in bed crying. Rebbi Yochanan asks him, "why are are you crying? If it is because you have not learned enough Torah there is no need to cry since it says Echad HaMarbeh V'Echad HAMam'it U'Bilvad SheYichaven Libo LaShamayim." It doesn't make a difference if you learned a great deal or just a little bit, as long as in your heart you were set on pleasing Hashem. Why does it not make a difference how much a person learned?

The Chida gives a few explanations for the Chazal and they all point in the same direction, at the end of the day, Derech HaLimud is not the key. Marbeh he says means to cover a lot of ground. Mam'it, means to expound in Pilpul. Marbeh, may mean learning by yourself. Mam'it, means to learn with an Am Ha'Aretz, who will slow you down. Marbeh, is to write chidushim. Mam'it, means writing very few Chidushim in order not slow down your learning. Any of the above is Choshuv in the eyes of Hashem if it is done Lisma for the sake of Hashem.

How, what, when, where, and why are all very important. But most important is to just do it. Learn Torah for the sake of Hashem.

Revach L'Neshama
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