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Where Did Yitzchok Celebrate The Akeida?

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Where Did Yitzchok Celebrate The Akeida?
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Revach L'Neshama

Incredibly, the medrash in Bereishis Rabba explains to us the odd language of the pasuk, "VaYashav Avrohom El Ni'arav". After the Akeida the pasuk tells us that Avrohom returned to the two lads, Yishmael and Eliezer, whom he told to wait and promised to return shortly. And where was Yitzchok, asks the pasuk? The Medrash answers that Avrohom sent him to learn Torah in the Yeshiva of Shaim ben Noach.

Amazing! They had just been through the emotionally charged Akeida, where Avrohom thought he would lose his beloved son, who was supposed to be the father of Am Yisroel, and Yitzchok had just been granted a new lease on life as if it were Techiyas HaMeisim. One would expect that they would go home, thank Hashem, regroup and plot their next steps. But no! The moment they sacrificed the Ayil, the whole story of the Akeida was behind them. No celebration, no contemplation, and no procrastination. Yes, Yitzchok was alive so it was time to move on immediately.

No time to walk Avrohom back to the parking lot. No time for good-byes. They parted ways at the foot of the Mizbei'ach where history was made, because they each had their lives to continue. No time for sentiment. Without further ado, Yitzchok went right back to Yeshiva. He didn't even take the afternoon off. He made a beeline to his worn out bench, delving straight into the gemara as if nothing ever happened.

The Medrash ends by saying that Avrohom said, "I was able to stand up to all the tests Hashem gave me only because of Torah. Therefore I don't want the Torah to leave my children even for a moment." Torah is so important it didn't even allow Avrohom a short moment to bask in the glow of the Akeida. Not even a moment to absorb the lessons of the Akeida. Torah is what made Avrohom great and that's what he wanted his dear child to return to!

Revach L'Neshama
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