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The Klausenberger Rebbe: A Tale of A Talmid Chochom and Am HaAretz – Everyone Must Bring It Home

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The Klausenberger Rebbe: A Tale of A Talmid Chochom and Am HaAretz – Everyone Must Bring It Home
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Revach L'Neshama

The Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l tells a story about two people come to Shamayim after 120, a Talmid Chochom and an Am HaAretz. They are Dan the Am HaAretz L’Kaf Zechus and send him straight to Gan Eden because he learned a perek in the morning before work and a perek in the evening after work. The Talmid Chochom is sent straight to the depths of Gehinom since had he learned straight without stopping he could have mastered Kol HaTorah Kula. They will scream at him and say “Rasha! You were given a holy neshama and a good mind and you neglected it!”

If a persons talents allow him to know more than he actually knows no excuse will save him regardless how much torah he learned. He will be judged by how far he is from his full capacity. Only Hashem the King of All Kings who sees through the heart of a man can be the judge of this.

This is the meaning of the Gemara in Pesachim (50a) that says “Ashrei Ish Sheba L’Kan ViTalmudoi B’Yadoi”, fortunate is the man who comes to Shamayim with his learning in his hand. Meaning, all the potential bestowed upon him comes with him and nothing is left behind. (Kinus Chizuk Olam HaTorah pg 261 – Dirshu)

For us laymen we should remember that as “Am HaRatzim” or “Chashuva Baalei Batim” we are not excused with a limited amount of Torah either. We also have potential that we must fulfill albeit far less than our brothers fulfilling the role of Yisachar. We must also utilize our free time and our full capabilities to bring all our Torah whatever that may be, back home!

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