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Parshas Ha'azinu

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Parshas Ha'azinu
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Revach L'Neshama

You'll Be Fine, What About The Children?

Teshuva is always accepted at any age. A person can sin most of his life and at the end do proper teshuva and erase a lifetime of bad and die a tzaddik. However there could be collateral damage that cannot be repaired; the children. Children tend to learn by example as they mimic their parent far more than we understand. When a child grows up watching their parents behave and act in a certain way, even if one day the parent wake up and do an about face and completely change their ways, they cannot expect the children to follow.

The Melitzei Aish says that this is hinted in the words of the Parsha "Sheechais Lo Lo, Banav Mumam", this can be read "Corruption, not him, his children are left blemished." No amount of self corruption cannot be repaired but the children they remain scarred forever. (Iturei Torah)

Dubno Maggid - The Gift Of Forgetting

A person went crying to his friend that he owed someone money and the lender constantly harassed him to pay back. His friend advised him that when the lender comes to collect he should act like a lunatic by shrieking and dancing wildly and doing all sorts of crazy things in order to scare him away. Sure enough the day came when this same friend lent him money. When he came around to collect this genius started doing the silly act that his friend taught him. Seeing this, his friend gave him two whacks with his stick and said, "Fool, I taught you this trick don't use it on me".

The Dubno Maggid says, Hashem gave us wonderful gift in the ability to forget. Without it we would not be able to go on in life after a fight or after death of a loved one. We would not do a thousand things that we need to do because of one bad experience many years ago. Forgetting things over time helps heal our many wounds. So what do we do with this wonderful gift? We use it to forget Hashem. For that we get two whacks!

The pasuk says (Devorim 32:18) "Tzur Yeladcha Teshi", Hashem taught us how to forget. "Vatishkach Kel Micholilecha" and we forgot Hashem our creator.

Revach L'Neshama
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