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Better Businessman Than The Businessman

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Better Businessman Than The Businessman
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Revach L'Neshama

One day Yaakov's father, a very successful businessman, went to speak with his son's Rosh Yeshiva to check on his son's progress. After relaying a wonderful report to Mr. Flaum the Rosh Yeshiva went on to talk about how the entire Yeshiva was growing rapidly. He spoke about the Yeshiva's new plot of land and their ambitious building plans.

The Rosh Yeshiva asked Mr. Flaum if he would be willing to contribute a sizable donation to the cause. Mr. Flaum said that in fact he had just invested a very large sum of money into a new deal that came his way and had no liquid cash for that kind of donation. But he added, that if he would be fortunate to succeed in his new venture he would give 10% of the profits towards the new building.

A few months later at 11.30 at night one Monday evening the Rosh Yeshiva received a telephone call to his home from Mr. Flaum. Mr. Flaum told the Rosh Yeshiva that he was at the closing and the deal had just been signed for the sale of his investment. Wanting to be good to his word as soon as the deal was official, the first person he wanted to notify was the Rosh Yeshiva to let him know the good news. He told the Rosh Yeshiva that he wanted to come over first thing the next morning to bring him a check for the new building as promised.

The Rosh Yeshiva asked Mr. Flaum to please come over that evening. Mr. Flaum a little perturbed told the Rosh Yeshiva that although the deal was signed there was still some things that needed to be wrapped up and he wouldn't be able to be by the Rosh Yeshiva until at least 3 o'clock in the morning. He really didn't want to burden the Rosh Yeshiva. Besides he offered to come first thing in the morning so what was the problem? Nevertheless, the Rosh Yeshiva insisted and Mr. Flaum grudgingly complied.

At 3.30 in the morning Mr. Flaum arrived to the Rosh Yeshiva's house happy but exhausted from the day's events. After writing the check and handing it to the Rosh Yeshiva he asked him, "Nu tell me what was the big emergency that I had to come tonight? Will the new building be ready in the morning?" The Rosh Yeshiva replied, "I've been raising money from businessmen for years and I know how their minds work. Tonight you are happy with your profit. You are thankful to Hashem for the windfall that came your way. After a good night sleep by tomorrow morning that "profit" will have magically been turned into principal for your next deal and your anxiousnous to give us a donation will slow into major hesitation. This is why it was imperative for you to write the check tonight!"

If you have an flash of inspiration to do something good do it right away. Every second that goes by works directly into the hands of the Yetzer Hara.

Revach L'Neshama
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