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Hitching A Ride With James

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Hitching A Ride With James
Provided by Revach L'Neshama (

Revach L'Neshama

A talmid chacham in Bnei Brak was preparing to publish a sefer, and he scheduled an urgent meeting related to the publication in Yerushalayim. The man he was meeting firmly told him that he could meet no later than 7:00 P.M. The talmid chacham who was a Rosh Kollel in Gush Dan usually finished his studies at 5:30 P.M., and returned to Bnei Brak by 6:00. From Bnei Brak, he could catch the bus to Yerushalayim, which was approximately an hour's trip to the central bus station. He considered leaving kollel early that day to insure his promptness at the meeting. However, as the Rosh Kollel, he was hesitant to leave early. In addition, the avreichim would miss out on the shiur he normally gave during that time. He decided to remain in kollel until the end of seder, and trust in Hashem that He would help him arrive at his urgent meeting on time.

The Rosh Kollel proceeded as planned, but the yetzer hara was hard at work, trying to make him regret his good intentions. First, the ride to Bnei Brak from Gush Dan was delayed because of a traffic jam. When he arrived at the bus stop in Bnei Brak, he was dismayed to see that the bus to Yerushalayim had just left the bus stop. He had missed it, and the next bus was not until 6:20, which would not bring him to Yerushalayim in time for his meeting. In fact, he would have to take a second bus to the meeting's location once he arrived at the central bus station in Yerushalayim.

As the talmid chacham stood at the bus stop, contemplating his dilemma, an expensive looking official car pulled up to the bus stop. The driver opened his window and said to the Rav, "If you would like to join me on the trip to Yerushalayim, you're invited." The Rav, who clearly saw the Yad of Hashem in this incident, entered the car. Once inside, he realized that the car belonged to the American Foreign Minister, James Baker, who was currently visiting Israel. The man who sat behind the steering wheel was one of the top aides of the minister, who coincidentally was also a Jew. When he saw a talmid chacham standing at the bus stop, he decided to offer him a ride. The car, which had a blue revolving light usually reserved for police cars, was able to drive to Yerushalayim at a speedy pace. In addition, the Jewish driver brought the talmid chacham directly to the location of the meeting. The time was 6:58 P.M. (Source: Aleinu Leshabeach)

Revach L'Neshama
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