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An Important Interruption

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An Important Interruption
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Rav Tzvi Chanoch Levin of Berdin was the son-in-law of the Sfas Emes. He was renowned for his diligence in Torah, his toil for the sake of the community, and most of all, for his unconditional love for every Jew.

Once, when he was the head of the rabbinical court of Berdin, he held an important meeting at his home for all the rabbanim in the area. In the course of the meeting, a stranger appeared at the door. R' Tzvi Chanoch greeted him in his usual warm fashion, and inquired whether he was hungry. When the man replied in the affirmative, R' Tzvi Chanoch excused himself from the meeting and asked his wife to prepare a meal for the guest. While his wife was busy preparing, R' Tzvi Chanoch himself set the table. He then sat at the table with the guest while he ate and conversed with him. Finally, the guest went on his way.

Rav Tzvi Chanoch was about to return to the rabbanim who had been waiting for him all this time, when his rebbetzin turned to him with a question. "Who was that visitor? He must have been an important man if you kept all those important rabbanim waiting because of him." R' Tzvi Chanoch replied, "Just a fellow Jew. I've never met him before."

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