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Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh

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Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh

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Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh
Making the Most of Shabbos: Inspiring Insights into the Meaning and Purpose of Shabbos
By Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus
Feldheim Publishers, (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-5982-6283-4

Reviewed by Zev Harris - February 3, 2009

Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh is the first of Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus's zt"l famed books to be translated into English. Now, for the first time, English readers can share in his keen insights and timeless wisdom as he explores Shabbos, its holiness and how you can make it a more uplifting and exciting celebration for you and your family. This volume is based upon Rav Pincus's exhilarating lectures, and it is part of the larger Nefesh Shimshon series that is currently only available in Hebrew.

This is not a 'textbook' on Shabbos, nor does Rav Pincus try to outline all the rules and mitzvos of Shabbos. Rather, in this book, he explores the mystery of Shabbos and what it is that makes it the Queen of all holidays. He also explores the steps you can take to increase your appreciation and understanding of Shabbos, and how you can advance your spiritual observance of this holy day.

Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh is filled not only with wisdom drawn from the Torah, but also with stories, parables, and Rav Pincus's own keen insights into the meaning and purpose of Shabbos. His words are not only inspirational and exhilarating, but they are also thought-provoking and extremely moving. This book also provides you with an intimate peak into Rav Pincus's own life, as the final section of this book allows the reader to follow Rav Pincus as he celebrates Shabbos. This section illustrates the depth of Rav Pincus's spiritually and it provides an outstanding model from which to base your own Shabbos observance.

This book is organized into three sections:
  1. The first, and main portion of this book is Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh, which is based upon Rav Pincus's lectures.

  2. The second section, Inspirational Essays, contains eight unforgettable essays written by Rav Pincus and originally published in the HaMa'ayan magazine.

  3. The final section of this book is the Shabbos with Rav Pincus section, which is based upon his own writings and teachings as well as upon the anecdotes and accounts related by his students and other acquaintances.
Rav Pincus was a kind teacher who freely shared his excitement, joy, and mastery of the material under discussion with his students and other interested individuals. In this book, Rav Pincus's discourse on the Holiness of Shabbos is so clear and erudite that it will serve not only scholars and Shabbos observant Jews, but also those new to the wonders of Shabbos or who are seeking to understand the meaning and importance of Shabbos Kodesh. This is an unforgettably inspirational book and a significant addition to the body of works available in English on Shabbos Kodesh!

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