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Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book

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Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book

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Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book
Adapted by Sarah Gershman
Illustrations by Kristina Swarner
EKS Publishing Co., 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9391-4463-1

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Reviewed by Anna Dogole - November 10, 2011

Just as Jews pray the Sh'ma before going to be at night, we also pray the Modeh Ani upon arising. Sarah Gershman's adaptation of the Morning Blessing is ideal for introducing children to the concept of thanking G-d for the many blessings we receive, and to provide them with a few moments of contemplation before starting on more mundane matters. Reading this book to your child in the morning also presents you with a terrific opportunity to have some quality time with your child before the day gets too hectic. It is also a wonderful way to wake a child up, rather than rushing in, pulling down the covers, and telling him hurry up, get dressed, etc... because you have so many things that need doing. Planting a seed of spirituality in a child at an early age will reap untold rewards - and it is good for you both.

In Gershman's book, Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book, you'll find her adaptation of the Morning Blessing designed specifically for young children, ages 2-7. Although the text is technically a prayer, it reads like a story book and it will encourage young minds to think about the many things that they have to say "Thank You!" to G-d for. The prayer is accompanied by cheery illustrations by Kristina Swarner. At the end of the book you'll also find detailed excerpts from the Morning Blessing in both English and Hebrew along with a short essay on the Birchot haShachar (Morning Blessing) and some insights into how you can make saying the Modeh Ani part of your child's morning routine.

Along with this book's companion volume, The Bedtime Sh'ma: A Good Night Book, these two books are an ideal way of introducing your young child to the power and beauty of daily prayer.

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