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Shikufjtzky Street

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Shikufjtzky Street

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Shikufjtzky Street, Volume 1
Written & Illustrated by Shifra Glick
Feldheim Publishers, (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-652-8

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - September 19, 2011

If you enjoyed reading about the adventures of the Shikufitzky Family, then you are sure to enjoy Shikufitzky Street, a new series by Shifra Glick. As with the books in the Shikufitzky Family series, the books in the Shikufitzky Street series are written in comic book format with interesting illustrations contained within frames, and with the characters' words written in speech 'bubbles'.

In volume one of Shikufitzky Street, we meet the various people that live on Shikufitzky street, including Temima and Kehos, two new residents on the street, as well as long time residents such as the twins, Ditza and Nitza, Gershon the Genius who runs the repair shop, Bubby Zelda, who makes the best cakes and cookies in the world, and many more old friends and new.

Shikufitzky Street is not one long story. Rather it contains a series of interrelated, joke filled stories, some long, some short, and all delightful to read. This is a book that is perfect for grade-schoolers, and it can also a great book to have older kids read to younger ones, as they will all enjoy the stories, no matter what their ages. Best of all, adults will love this book as well because of its humor, solid Jewish values, and most fun of all, these stories will remind you, time and time again, of your own kids' antics.

Shikufitzky Street is a fun book for the entire family. My family is looking forward to volume two in this sure-to-be new hit series!

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