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Fighting For Survival

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Fighting For Survival

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Fighting For Survival
By E. H. (Dan) Kampelmacher
Foreword by Dan Michman
Yad Vashem Publications: 2006
Part of the Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs Project
ISBN: 978-0976073963

Book Description:

This is the story of an 18 year old boy who left his family and fled his native Vienna to Holland. There, as an illegal refugee, he was imprisoned in the state prizon at Veenhuizen, where he wrote a diary relating his experiences in 1938 in Vienna and Holland. The book goes on to tell of his survival during the war working on Dutch farms, acquiring forged documents from the underground, and hiding in Charlotte van Dijk's home in Utrecht from late 1942 onward. He even worked for the Dutch Psychotecnic Foundation in Utrect in 1943. His employers knew that he was a Jew and did not turn him in. The diary ends on December 31, 2938, with the question:" Where will I be next New Year's Eve?" The memoir completes this dramatic story.

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