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In the Struggle

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In the Struggle

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In the Struggle
Memoirs from Grodno and the Forests
By Leib Reizer
Foreword by Martin Gilbert
Yad Vashem Publications: 2009
Part of the Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs Project
ISBN: 978-0981468624

Book Description:

Leib Reizer's memoir relates his experiences in Grodno and his successful escape to the forests with his wife and five year old daughter, where they survived with the partisans and in family camps. Early in the Nazi occupation, Reizer escapted to Minsk, spending three months in the ghetto before embarking on a risky return to Grodno and his family. He tells in riveting prose of ghetto life, the horror of the liquidation, and his family's escape after he broke into the military hospital storeroom where he worked as a carpenter, taking pistols, rifles and bullets with him for the partisans in the forests. Reizer's story has a powerful, basic honesty to it, telling everything in purest truth, concealing or hiding nothing.

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