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Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person

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Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person

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Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person
The Diary of Moty Stromer
By Moty Stromer
Foreword by David Silberklang
Yad Vashem Publications: 2008
Part of the Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs Project
ISBN: 978-0981468600

Book Description:

This is the remarkable diary and memoir of Marek (Moty) Stromer, of Kamionka-Stumilowa. He wrote for his younger sister, who had moved to the United States just before the war. Most of the memoir refers to Moty's experiences in the Lemberg ghetto, where he lived with his other sister and brother-in-law. Stomer recounts the viciously brutal treatment that he suffered at the hands of the local Ukranians, his imprisonment inthe Janowski forced labor camp, his escape from a deportation transport to the Belzec death camp, and his ultimate rescue in the barn of his Christian neighbor from Kamionka, Jozef Streker. When Streker gave Moty a blank ledger book and a pencil, Moty began to record his experiences and what he had witnessed since the outbreak of the war in 1939. The writing is a blen of memoir, relating his wartime experiendes, and diary, relating events and his thoughts and fears as the Red Army approached his hiding place. He wrote on the assumption that all those he left behind had been killed. His last hope was that this account would reach his surviving sister in the US.

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