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On the Fields of Loneliness

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On the Fields of Loneliness

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On the Fields of Loneliness
By Hersch Altman
Foreword by Shimon Redlich
Yad Vashem Publications: 2006
Part of the Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs Project
ISBN: 978-0976073970

Book Description:

This is the remarkable memoir of a young boy, who survived the murders of his father, mother, and three sisters and the destruction of his home and town, while evading his pursuers throughout the Holocaust. The youngest of four childrent and only son of an affluent merchant and Jewish community leader, Hersch Altman vividly depicts his early years in Brzezany, and recounts in vibrant detail the hardships his family endured during the Soviet occupation. He goes on to relate the brutality of the Nazi occupation, the intolerable life in the ghetto, the horrors of the Aktionen, and the ingeniously constructed bunker that eluded the Nazi soldiers and their dogs. Altman describes how each member of his family was killed and the many near death encounters he faced and miraculously escaped. The reader cannot help but share the author's fears, sadniess and loneliness in hiding - often completely alone in barns, forests, fields and attics. The unsaswerable question, "Why me, my God?" echoes throughout this gripping tale.

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