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The Stone Edition of the Tanach

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Stone Edition of the Tanach

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The Stone Edition of the Tanach
The Torah, Prophets, and Writings
The Twenty-Four Books of the Bible
Newly Translated and Annotated
Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Contributing Editors: Rabbi Yaakov Blinder, Rabbi Avie Gold, and Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
Mesorah Publications, New York: 1996
ISBN: 0-89906-269-5

Reviewed by Anna Dogole

Newly translated and annotated, The Stone Edition of the Tanach is a must-have for every Jewish home. This edition of the Tanach contains all 24 books of the Bible. The Chumash (Torah) is presented complete with Haftaros listed at the end of each Sidra, as well this precious text also includes the complete text of the Neviim (Prophets) and the Kesuvim (Writings). Also included are essential study aids such as timelines, various charts, numerous illustrations, and maps. The timelines cover such periods as Adam to Jacob, The Era of the Judges, and the Babylonian Exile. Some of the charts included in this text include such items as a list of the Seventy Nations, the Procedure for Animal Offerings, and a chart listing all 48 prophets (according to Rashi) and the 7 prophetesses. In addition, the illustrations run the gamut from a diagram of the Third Temple to Signs of Kosher Animals and Fish.

The text, itself, is presented in Hebrew with nikud (vowels) and trop (cantallation marks) on one side of the page, with an accurate and readable English translation of the text on the facing page. Marginal notes and annotations are included, as are brief commentaries, in English, on the text. These commentaries help to explain complex or controversial aspects of the text. The text is rounded out by a soul-stirring introduction to the Tanach, written by Rabbi Nosson Scherman. As well, each book in the Tanach is preceded by a brief, yet informative overviews of each book.

The Stone Edition of the Tanach is the perfect edition for anyone seeking a one volume, Hebrew - English copy, of the Tanach, and it is ideal for general reading, and as a study text. This volume features a beautiful embossed cover with gold lettering that is available in a variety of colors, including Black, Hunter Green, Ivory Parchment, and Leather. As well, a ribbon marker is sewn into the book's sturdy binding. This is an Artscroll publication, and it is a perfect complement to The Stone Edition of the Chumash, the Rubin Edition of The Prophets, and other Artscroll classics.

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