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Benny the Big Shot

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Benny the Big Shot

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Benny the Big Shot
By Tehilla Deutsch
Illustrated by Vitaliy Romanenko
Feldheim Publishers, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59826-468-5

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - September 13, 2010

Benny Cooper is the new boy at school, and he's clever. So clever in fact that one of the other boys in the class, Tzvi Greenberg, becomes jealous of Benny cleverness and starts a rumor that Benny thinks that he is a big shot. But Tzvi triumphs over his kin'ah (jealousy) monster while learning invaluable lessons as well. Not only that lashon ha-ra is bad, but also that people are not always what or who they appear to be. In fact Benny is a really great guy, who soon becomes one of Tzvi's best friends!

Written by Tehilla Deutsch, Benny the Big Shot features a rhyming text accompanied by vivid illustrations by Vitaliy Romanenko. This book was written for children ages 4-8. However, it will also serve as a book that you can read aloud to younger children, who will enjoy following along with the illustrations as you read to them about Benny and Tzvi.

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