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Kosher for Everybody

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Kosher for Everybody
The Complete Guide to Understanding, Shopping, Cooking, and Eating the Kosher Way

By Trudy Garfunkel
An Arthur Kurzweil Book
Jossey-Bass: A Wiley Imprint (2004)
ISBN: 0-7879-7587-7

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - October 28, 2004

Much to my surprise, I recently learned that eating Kosher isn't just for Jews anymore. According to Trudy Garfunkel in her book, Kosher for Everybody: The Complete Guide to Understanding, Shopping, Cooking, and Eating the Kosher Way there is a vast community of people who buy kosher products. Their reasons vary from the perceived quality of kosher products to the idea that kosher foods are healthier than non-kosher foods. According to Garfunkel, "...only 8 percent of consumers who purchase kosher food in the United States do so for religious reasons. (pg. 1).

This book was written specifically for Jews who are just beginning to follow the laws of kashrut, as well as anyone else who is, or wants to be, a consumer of kosher products. Styled as a consumer guide, this book provides a basic outline of the Jewish laws that define what can and cannot be eaten, a description of what makes various foods kosher, the various certificating agencies, and what the symbols used to denote kosher foods stand for. Garfunkel also provides information on how and where to buy kosher foods, how to keep a kosher home, and special tips on how to keep kosher if you are a vegetarian or if you are lactose-intolerant.

This book is filled with numerous resource lists that provide contact information on everything from kosher certifying organizations and merchants that sell kosher wine to kosher camps and caterers. This 'kosher resource guide' covers about 100 pages and it serves as a virtual guidebook to kosher businesses. While it is not a complete listing, which would take up a whole book on its own, this list serves as a wonderful starting point for anyone seeking kosher goods or services.

In addition to this practical resource guide, Kosher for Everybody also includes fifty-five kosher recipes that provide a good sample of the breadth of kosher cooking. Recipes range from traditional Jewish dishes such as Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls, Cholent, and Kasha Varnishkes to non-traditional dishes such as Spaghetti with Tuna Sauce and Salmon Teriyaki.

Kosher for Everybody provides a practical introduction to the world of kosher foods and the basic laws of 'keeping kosher'. This book is perfect for anyone just embarking into the world of kosher eating. Due to the resource guide, it will also be of value to anyone already 'keeping kosher' and who is looking for additional sources of kosher foods and services - including mail order and online sources.

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