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Yiddish for Dogs

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Yiddish for Dogs

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Yiddish for Dogs
Chutzpah, Feh!, Kibbitz, and More: Every Word Your Canine Needs to Know
By Janet Perr
Hyperion: 2007
ISBN: 1401303234

Book Description:

Is your dog a shmendrick? A putz? Oróoy veyóa goniff? There is only one way to find out, so nu, dive in to Yiddish for Dogs. This alphabetical handbook of Yiddish words features adorable and hilarious pictures of irresistible pooches. These dogs embody the meaning of well-known words such as kibbitz, tsuris, feh!, shlep, chutzpah, and many more. But thatís not all. Consider yourself warned. Once the Yiddish comes out, these dogs have much to say. These dogs kvell. They go through the dreck. They recognize a mensch. They appreciate a nosh. And, believe it or not, they know youíre mishuggeh. So the next time your canine friend does a flying leap into your lap, instead of exclaiming, ìWhat a klutz!î, ask yourselfóDoes my dog want to kibbitz? Written and illustrated by award-winning art director and graphic designer Janet Perr, Yiddish for Dogs will have you howling with laughter.

About the Author
Janet Perr is an art director and graphic designer responsible for the package design of hundreds of CD and book covers. She lives with her family in New York City.

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