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Yiddish Sayings Mama Never Taught You

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Yiddish Sayings Mama Never Taught You

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Yiddish Sayings Mama Never Taught You
By Marvin S. Zuckerman & Gershon Weltman 2009
ISBN: 1440140162

Book Description:

The Yiddish sayings in this book have been praised by such world-acclaimed writers as Henry Miller and Isaac Bashevis Singer. They should equally delight all who can appreciate the coarse, wry humor of the turn-of-the-century European shtetl, which gave rise to so much of American humor as well.

Some may be offended by their sexuality and lewdness, but they expose the basic humanity of a lost Jewish culture. For too long eydlkayt - refinement - has drawn a curtain over the smutty side of the shtetl. Enjoyable folklore, funny sayings you'll find yourself using in quite modern situations.

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