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Vilna Gaon on Yonah: Part 2 - Instructions To Your Neshama For The Big Mission

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Vilna Gaon on Yonah: Part 2 - Instructions To Your Neshama For The Big Mission
Provided by Revach L'Neshama (

Revach L'Neshama

The matter of the Navi, is an allusion to the neshama of a man, as is written in the Zohar. And the matter is that (Hashem) sends it to this world to rectify the world. (Just like a Navi is sent to rectify the people.) And not only did the neshama not rectify it, but it corrupted itself also. Afterwards he is sent a second time in a reincarnation to fix. He fixes but with the pain of his bad fate as is written later on.

1:1 And it was the word of Hashem came unto Yonah the son of Amittai saying.

The matter is that Hashem sends the Neshama to this world and says to it "go to the body of such and such person and do My will" as is written in the Zohar. "Yonah" refers to the neshama as is written in the Zohar and Shir HaShirim 6:9.

The son of Amittai - son of Hashem, who is Amiti (truth), as it is written, "you are sons to Hashem your Hashem" (Devarim 14:1, since the neshama is drawn from Hashem in the semblance of a son who comes from his father, Shaarei Kedusha)

Saying - Everything that Hashem says to him, he should say to Am Yisroel, that they should know why they came to the world, that each person should rectify himself, and also the entire world.

1:2 'Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and proclaim against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me.' Arise - from the place you are sitting in Gan Eden and go to Olam HaZeh (this world)

Nineveh - It is this world, which is His "footstool" (a reference to Yeshaya 61), and this world is His primary dwelling (Neveh means dwelling place in Lashon Kodesh). And on this, Hashem sends man to fix His dwelling place.

The great city - It is known that a man is called a 'small world', and also a 'small city' as is written in Koheles, if so, the world itself is called the 'great city'.

And proclaim against it - teach the men understanding that they may repent from their evil ways.

For their wickedness has come up before Me - the destructive (spiritual) forces which were created by their evil deeds stand before me, and scream, and prosecute. And this is also what is referred to (in Noach before the great flood) "the end of all flesh has come before me" (Noach, Bereishis 6:13)

Revach L'Neshama
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