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That's Life! Torah Wisdom & Wit to Live By

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That's Life!

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That's Life!
Torah Wisdom & Wit to Live By
By Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein
Targum Press, (2008)
Distributed by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-5687-1473-8

Reviewed by Boris Segel - February 3, 2009

Better known to his friends and students as Rabbi Y. Y., Rabbi Yehudah Yonah Rubinstein begins his new book, That's Life! Torah Wisdom & Wit to Live By with the statement:
The Rebbe of Kotzk said, "A Jew has to believe in three things: he has to believe in the Almighty. He has to believe in the Jewish people. And he has to believe in himself."
Building upon these three tenets, Rabbi Y. Y. has compiled a selection of unforgettable real-life stories and reminiscences that will not only inspire you, but which will help propel you to greater spiritual heights and encourage you to greater heights in your personal growth and love for your fellow Jews. The stories in this volume are organized into three sections, related to the three tenets mentioned above: Living with G-d, Living with Others, and Living with Yourself. This book can be read straight through, or you can skip around, discovering new gems and timeless wisdom that will delight your soul and inspire you to strive to achieve your greatest potential. The stories in this collection span the globe. All are infused with Torah and Yiddishkeit, and no matter where you live, your level of observance, or your situation, you will find that these thought-provoking stories relevant to your own life and situation.

Rabbi Y. Y. is a senior lecturer for Gateways, an organization whose mission is " empower Jews of all ages to unlock the treasure of their heritage." He is also a Campus Rabbi for the whole of the North West of England (which encompasses more than 2,000 Jewish students), and Rebbe in the Beis Yaacov Girls' School in Manchester, England. His is a skilled author and he is, according to the BBC, one of the most sought after Jewish speakers in the United Kingdom! This is one of those unique books that you will read, and re-read again, each time coming away with a deeper understanding about your faith, yourself, and your relationship with your fellow Jews!

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