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We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav

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We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav

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We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav
By Yael Zoldan
Illustrated by Shira Allen
Feldheim Publishers, (2009)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-395-4

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - February 11, 2010

We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav is a charming board-book for preschoolers that helps readers not only learn the Hebrew alphabet, but also an array of Mitzvos. The book was written by Yael Zoldan, and the text is accompanied by colorful and utterly charming illustrations by Shira Allen.

The way the book is organized is that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are introduced one by one. Along with each letter is a short phrase that helps reinforce the sound of the letter as well as short line about the Mitzvah illustrated in the facing page. For example, Aleph is for Achdus, Together as one we stick. On the facing page is a picture of a family and underneath is the word Achdus, in vowelized Hebrew. As well, the book opens with a very short introduction letting the reader know what is to come, and a short conclusion to remind them to keep doing Mitzvos. Some of the numerous Mitzvos the children are reminded of in this book include learning Torah, helping the poor, saying Tefillah, keeping Kosher, doing acts of Chesed, and many more.

We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav is a Yiddishkeit filled book that is fun to read along with, or to, your children. As well, it also offers numerous teaching opportunities as each pages gives you the chance to explore a Mitzvah with your children, discuss the various Hebrew letters, or to help older kids with their reading and pronunciation skills as they read the Hebrew word found under each illustration. As well, pre readers will enjoy following along with the text via the pictures that so wonderfully illustrate the concepts presented by the author. It is a must for all Jewish homes with young children.

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