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As A Palm Tree In The Desert, Parts One & Two

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As A Palm Tree In The Desert, Part One

Part One
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As A Palm Tree In The Desert, Parts One & Two
By Zvi Ankori
Gefen Publishing House, (2008)
Part 1: ISBN-13: 978-9652294357
Part 2: ISBN-13: 978-9652294364
As A Palm Tree In The Desert, Part 2

Part Two
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Reviewed by Israel Drazin - April 30, 2010

Part One

People interested in history, especially Jewish history, and people inspired as the author is with books, will enjoy this book. Zvi Ankori is a well-known Israeli historian. This is his second book and the first of a two part work. The boy in the story is fascinated by the books that his parents sent to him in 1937 when he came to Israel, just missing the holocaust that resulted in the murder of both of his parents and other relatives.

While his parents died, the books live on. They bring a history to mind, a long and exiting history, a history with many adventures. Ankori describes the recent half century of this history in his two book series until the reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The characters, sites, dates, and events in this book are real, although they are presented as an interesting dramatic novel.

As a palm tree in the desert is a sign of the existence of refreshing life-giving water, so this book reveals the life sustaining forces of Jewish history.

Part Two

This is the second volume of the historian Zvi Ankori's two part exciting adventure-filled history that is written as an exciting event-filled novel. Readers are referred to my review of part one.

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