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Going Kosher in 30 Days

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Going Kosher in 30 Days

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Going Kosher in 30 Days
An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for the Rest of Us
By Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
The Jewish Learning Group (2007)
ISBN: 978-1-891293-23-8

Reviewed by Boris Segel - April 27, 2011

Have you ever considered 'going Kosher' but thought that it was too hard to do, or too restrictive? If so, you no longer have an excuse. Rabbi Zalman Goldstein's inspirational book, Going Kosher in 30 Days will walk you through the process of making the transition to a Kosher lifestyle in easy to manage steps. Following Rabbi Goldstein's guide, you will find that not only have you become more spiritually aware of the world around you and what you consume, but that you have totally transformed your home into a Kosher one, in a mere thirty days.

This is not simply a 'do this and do that' book. Rather, Rabbi Goldstein explains why you need to do x, y, and z, how it is done, and how, by going Kosher you will become more spiritually attuned and how it will strengthen your connection with HaShem and Judaism in general. He also explores some common misconceptions about keeping Kosher, defines unfamiliar terms that you are likely to encounter, and explains where to find expert help in kosherizing your kitchen, to locate a mikvah to kosher your pots and pans, or any other information you might need. In addition, Rabbi Goldstein also provides tips and information on keeping Kosher when you are away from home.

One of the most important things that Rabbi Goldstein conveys in this book is that keeping kosher is more than just following the dietary laws by rote. Keeping kosher is a spiritual experience that elevates eating above the mundane and reinforces your connection to Judaism and the Jewish people throughout time. You will find that keeping kosher will induce many positive changes in your life, changes that will go far beyond just what you eat.

Going Kosher in 30 Days offers an excellent introduction to everything kosher, from its historical and religious origins to the celebrating various Jewish holidays and wading through the maze of kosher certification authorities. While basic, Rabbi Goldstein does not speak down to the reader. He provides clear and concise guidance on the ins and out of keeping kosher and provides inspirational stories and insights that help to explain the importance of keeping kosher and which will help keep you motivated through the kosherizing process. For one not brought up keeping kosher, things might be a little difficult in the beginning, but in short order it will be as natural as breathing and you'll soon wonder why did not do it sooner ;-)

If you are simply curious about what keeping kosher is all about, or starting to think about going kosher, or are in the process of going kosher, this book is for you. Rabbi Goldstein has included a plethora of handy check lists and suggestions that will help make the transition go smoothly and information that will help you continue to keep kosher once you get started. In writing this book, Rabbi Goldstein has preformed a great service for anyone just embarking upon the path of keeping kosher. To order this book, or to browse some of the other outstanding books written by Rabbi Goldstein, be sure to visit the The Jewish Learning Group website.

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