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Modern English-Hebrew Dictionary

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Modern English-Hebrew Dictionary
Yale University Press, 2002
Cloth, 457 pages
ISBN: 0-300-09004-8

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 31, 2003

Avraham Zilkha's Modern English - Hebrew Dictionary is an essential reference tool for anyone studying Hebrew, or who wish to translate English into Hebrew. This is an American English to Hebrew only dictionary, with the English entries listed alphabetically. The Modern English - Hebrew Dictionary does not provide definitions to words, rather it gives the direct Hebrew translation of the English words listed. This dictionary contains around 30,000 entries, and the Hebrew translations are written with nikud (vowels).

This is an easy-to-use dictionary. Directly across from each English word is its Hebrew equivalent. In addition, each entry indicates the part of speech for the word in question, i.e., whether it is an adjective, indefinite articles, intransitive verb, past participle, etc... One of the nicest features of this dictionary is that the different meanings for the same word are presented within the same entry, but on different lines so that you can effortlessly determine the Hebrew equivalent. For example, under the main heading for the noun mole, you'll find the following entry: Across from each number word, you will find the exact Hebrew equivalent for that specific word. Breaking up the various forms of each word into separate entries allows the reader to select the exact word they are looking for.

This dictionary provides the precise Hebrew equivalent of contemporary English words, including common idioms, slang terms, and some swear words. In addition, the text offers translations of common abbreviations such as FYI, LED, MK, NASA, and VCR. Before using this dictionary I recommend that you consult the brief introductory note that precedes the first entry in the dictionary. This introductory note outlines how the entries are organized, the abbreviations used to denote the parts of speech, and it explains which spellings and forms are used in the Hebrew translations. For example, Hebrew verbs are listed by their past tense, third person, singular stem rather than by the more traditional root form.

In Conclusion

This is a well organized and easy to read dictionary that will prove invaluable when it comes to accurately translating English into Hebrew. While you might not find every word you are looking for, you can be assured that with over 30,000 entries, you're bound to find the vast majority of the words you try to look up. In short, the Modern English - Hebrew Dictionary by Avraham Zilkha is an ideal reference book for students, teachers, and Hebrew speakers who desire a convenient and comprehensive English to Hebrew dictionary.

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